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Consumer mailing lists at about 50% the price of the other major data compilers.

Targeted mailing lists and direct mail advertising to grow your business.

Fidelity Data provides targeted mailing lists and mailers that speak directly to your target audience and consistently outperform expectations.

mailing lists

Targeted mailing lists and telemarketing lists that give you access to demographic information on virtually every household in the USA and detailed mortgage information on 40 million households.


Direct Mail advertising using postcards and snap pack mailers is a cost effective way to generate new business or to keep your current customers engaged and buying.

direct mail advertising

Snap Pack Mailers

Snap pack mailers gives your marketing offer an official look and feel that peaks the recipient's curiosity and prompts them to look inside.

Studies show that snap pack direct mail pieces are opened by 95% of recipients. 19 out of 20 people will open and look at your offer.

Merging pertinent information into the sales copy of your mailer gets the attention of your target and gets your message read.

Snap Pack mailers using variable data merges are a proven way to increase response rates and convert sales. 95% of snap pack mailers are opened.

Don't waste money using sales letters stuffed into envelopes that get immediately recognized as advertising and discarded.

All of Fidelity Data's snap pack mailers are printed on recycled paper

NCOA saves money


Ask us how monetizing in-house lists can reap huge rewards.

LIST enhancement

Email Address Append.
Append valid email addresses to your customer or marketing lists. Grow your business at a fraction of traditional marketing costs utilizing email marketing.

Telephone Number Appending.
Append valid phone numbers to your customer or marketing lists. You can append home, business or cell phone numbers. Most importantly... your current clients are exempt from the Do Not Call list restrictions.

Customer Modeling.
Want to target new customers? Make a profile of your current customers and we will use our customer modeling software to find new prospects with the same exact demographics and/or buying habits as your current customers. Profile your buyers and we can generate a list of ideal prospects with the same attributes.



(NCOA) National Change of Address. 15% of the population moves yearly. NCOA updates the address of anyone who has moved within the past 48 months. Avoid unnecessary postage and printing costs sending mail to invalid addresses.

Our NCOA service includes CASS Certification, DPV (Delivery Point Validation) and LACS.

Fidelity Data provides same day delivery on list orders and 24 hour turnaround on most list enhancement and list hygiene services.

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meticulously UPDATED marketing lists

The most important aspect of any direct mail marketing campaign is correctly targeting the right prospect with the proper mailing list. Accurate demographic information is vital to the success of your marketing.

If your mailing list contains inaccurate information then the recipient is liable to be either uninterested or simply will not qualify for your offer.

Fidelity Data offers meticulously accurate mortgage lists, homeowner lists and consumer mailing lists in the industry. All databases are updated monthly.

Fidelity Data also provides business and consumer email databases and email address appending services if you want to match a current email addresses to your lists for cross channel marketing options



Marketing Lists

Targeted mailing lists and phone lists that can be segmented by any set of demographics you need, as well as buying habits and hundreds of other criteria to pinpoint the perfect prospect for your specific marketing needs.

Meticulously updated and accurate mortgage lists, business lists and consumer mailing lists at wholesale pricing.


Snap Pack Mailers

The official look and feel of snap packs mailers get them put in the pertinent "must read" stack of mail.   Research shows that snap pack mailers get opened at over a 95% rate.

Direct Mail Advertising using responsive snap pack mailers sent to a targeted mailing list is remains a very cost effective and productive advertising option in the internet age


Postcard Advertising

Postcards are a cost effective way to generate quality pre-qualified inbound phone calls and/or sales leads.

Unlike Radio, TV and Newspaper advertising, direct mail allows you to choose the perfect audience for your message. You can target the perfect demographics of exactly who sees your offer using our targeted mailing lists.

Fidelity Data also offers US and International email marketing databases for both businesses and consumers as well as an email address append service that enables you to append email addresses to your in-house customer and marketing lists.

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