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Target your perfect prospect with a pin point targeted mailing list then use our innovative and persuasive marketing mailers to appeal directly to those prospects.

You can reach the perfect target for your offer using ultra precise and meticulously updated marketing lists and proven and tested direct mail marketing pieces that will outperform your expectations.

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Targeted mailing lists and telemarketing lists targeting the perfect prospects for your business.

We can provide demographic information on virtually every household in the USA and detailed mortgage information on 40+ million households.


Direct Mail using postcards and snap pack mailers is the most effective way to generate new business or keep your current customers engaged.

direct mail advertising

Snap Pack Mailers

Snap pack mailers gives your marketing offer an official look and feel that peaks the recipient's curiosity and prompts them to look inside.

Studies show that snap pack direct mail pieces are opened by 95% of recipients. 19 out of 20 people will open and look at your offer.

Snap pack mailers allow you to mail merge pertinent demographic information into the sales copy of your mailer to grab the attention of the recipient.

Snap Pack mailers using variable data merges are a proven way to increase response rates and sales.

The official look of a snap pack mailer gets your mailer opened and the personalized details mail merged into the sales copy holds the recipient's interest and gets your message read.

Fidelity offers a variety of snap pack mailer styles and designs to meet any requirement you may have.

Fidelity Direct's snap pack mailers are printed on recycled paper

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Email Address Appending Append valid email addresses to any of your residential or business lists. You can turn single-channel customers into valuable multi-channel customers.

Email marketing can grow your business and sales at a fraction of traditional marketing cost.

We also provide email verification to verify and clean your email lists.

Email list hygiene is essential to avoid ISPs black listing you for repeated emails to invalid email addresses and receiving too many bounce-backs.

Telephone Number Appending We append valid phone numbers to your mailing lists. You can append home, business or cell numbers.

Append phone numbers to your in-house customer and prospect lists and use our ringless voicemail messaging service to legally send unobtrusive 30 second audio messages.

Customer Cloning Want a great way to target your mailers? Send us any customer list and we will use predictive modeling to find prospects with the same demographics or buying attributes as your current customers anywhere in the country.



Now you can insert voicemail messages directly into landline or cell phone voice mails without making a call or ringing the phone. The recipient is never bothered or charged for a call.

Ring less Voicemail Messaging is 100% legal and was specifically designed to be non-intrusive.

Ring less voicemail messaging is compliant with all telemarketing laws and regulations. 

Our state of the art messaging software drops the messages directly into the recipient's voicemails. It is a message sent from our server to their server just like sending an email.

Use our telephone number appending service to append phone numbers to your client and prospect lists and send them 30 second audio messages at a fraction of the cost of direct mail or conventional telemarketing.

ringless voicemail


NCOA mailing lists to save on postage and printing costs

(NCOA) National Change of Address 15% of the population moves yearly. NCOA updates the address of anyone who has moved within the past 48 months. You should always NCOA your mailing list to avoid unnecessary postage and printing costs sending mail to old outdated addresses.

Database hygiene keeps your marketing lists up to date.

NCOA includes CASS Certification, DPV (Delivery Point Validation) and LACS.

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Persuasive   Mailers  sent  to  PIN  POINT  targeted  marketing  lists 

The most important aspect of any direct mail marketing campaign is correctly targeting the right prospect using the proper mailing list. Accurate demographic information is vital to the success of your marketing.

If your mailing list contains inaccurate information then the recipient is liable to be the wrong target audience or simply won't qualify for your offer.

Fidelity Direct provides the most up to date mortgage data, business lists, medical lists and consumer mailing lists in the industry. All databases are updated monthly.

As soon as a new deed or loan is recorded or any information changes, that person's new information replaces their old information in the database.



Marketing Lists

Targeted mailing lists and phone lists that can be segmented by any set of demographics you need, as well as buying habits and hundreds of other criteria to pinpoint the perfect prospect for your specific marketing needs.

We can provide demographic information on virtually every household in the USA as well as detailed information on 24 million businesses.

We provide medical professionals lists of Doctors and Dentists segmented by specialty and Nurse marketing lists segmented by RN, LPN or CNA. Many with email addresses

We also provide business and consumer email marketing databases..



Responsive Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising using postcards and snap pack mailers is an extremely cost effective way to generate new business and/or keep your existing customers engaged.

Unlike Radio, TV and Newspapers, direct mail advertising lets you to choose the exact audience that will see your message. You decide the exact demographics of who receives and reads your offer.

Direct Mail marketing using targeted mailing lists remains a very effective and productive advertising option in the internet age.

Use the links at top of the page to see some samples of our innovative marketing postcards and responsive snap pack mailers.

Ringless Voicemail messaging

Ring less Voice mail Messaging

Fidelity's voice mail messaging service gives you the ability to insert voicemail messages directly into landline or cell phone voice mail systems without making a call or ringing the phone line. The recipient is never bothered or charged for a call.

Ring less Voice mail Messaging is 100% legal and was specifically designed to be non-intrusive.

Ring less voice mail messaging is compliant with all telemarketing laws and regulations.


Now you can contact an individual via phone by dropping a massage directly into that person's voicemail without ever ringing their phone. The message is sent server to server just like an email.

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