HECM to HECM refinance Snap Pack Mailers

Snap Pack mailers are the perfect medium for Reverse Mortgage refinance offers

Getting past the initial mail shuffle is the first integral part of any reverse mortgage direct mail offer. Everyone does the same mail triage. Mail is shuffled into the pertinent pile to be read or into the junk pile or directly into the trash


The official look and feel of our HECM to HECM refinance mailers make them appear to be important information that always get the immediate attention of the recipient and are regarded as pertinent mail.

The mail piece is immediately identified as pertinent information and will always get through the 20 -30 second mail shuffle of pertinent vs non pertinent mail that determines the fate of all direct mail advertising.

Snap pack mailers are opened at a 95% rate.

Our reverse mortgage refinance mailers are sent to a mailing list of current reverse mortgage holders with higher home values who had their reverse mortgage originated before HECM lending limits increased or who have had a drastic increase in home value since their loan was originated.

We normally will mail merge Lender Name and other demographic fields of information such as loan date into the sales copy to personalize each mailer to its' recipient. Using variable data merges foster readership by merging the recipient's demographic and loan information directly into the sales copy

A simple box on the front of this HECM to HECM snap pack immediately shows the recipient that it pertains to HECM loan holders only. That small addition is all it takes to have your reverse mortgage refinance offer regarded as pertinent mail in the eyes of a current HECM holder.

Your Reverse Mortgage refinance snap pack will get opened and read.

Reverse Mortgage Snap Pack mailer

Used in conjunction with our targeted Reverse Mortgage holder mailing lists.

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