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(NCOA) National Change of Address (48 month)

NCOA services

Fidelity Direct's NCOA service will update your mailing lists with the new addresses of anyone who has moved within the past 48 months. Fidelity Direct will run your mailing lists against the US Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database going back 4 years

If you plan on doing any type of mailer you should NCOA your mailing list to avoid expensive postage and printing costs sending mail to old, outdated and undeliverable addresses.

You should also NCOA lists prior to appending phone numbers or email address appending to maximize the number of matches you receive. The more accurate the list, the more matches you receive.

CASS certification/ DPV / LACS

No, we're not playing alphabet soup. These acronyms from the U.S. Postal Service have a lot of meaning if you’re a mailer. Address cleansing is getting more precise, which means better mail deliverability.

The US Postal Service's Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) evaluates the accuracy of data-cleansing. CASS-certification is available to all mailers, service bureaus, and software vendors. What exactly is CASS?

On August 1, 2015 the USPS began Cycle L of certification. It requires the use of DPV and LACS technologies when processing address lists. Each cycle, or round of certification requirements, lasts a year. Each year, the new cycle raises the bar for quality within the CASS certification process by implementing new technologies and requirements in the address matching software industry.


DPV  -- (Delivery Point Validation)

DPV validates each address against the more than 145 million delivery points (deliverable addresses) on file with the USPS. It determines that either the address has the correct primary and secondary data, the address has the correct primary but not secondary data, or the address cannot be validated.


LACS automates the retrieval of new addresses that have been converted by local municipalities, usually when the community has implemented a 911 emergency system. 911 address conversions normally involve changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses, but in some instances municipal conversions may result in the renaming or renumbering of existing city-style addresses.