Dental Practice postcard advertising

Direct Mail is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to promote Dental Practices.

We use pin pont targeted mailing lists for the different categories of Dental Services you are offering. You can segment by households with children and then target children's exact ages for first time visit, orthodontics etc. You can target new movers into your town for family dentistry. Teenagers for braces, Females 21-45 for whitening. You choose the exact demographic you want to receive your message to grow your practice.

You can segment your dental mailers by household income, credit worthiness or any demographic category you think is best to market your practice. All Dental postcards are customized with your company logo and contact information.

Dental Whitening Postcards -

Dental Postcard Coffee Drinker  

  Dental Postcard-Smoker


Beautiful Smile Postcards

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Children's Dentistry Postcards

Children's Dentistry 

  Children's dental Ad

Child's dentist Ad   

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Orthodontics Postcards

Orthondontics mailer 

   teen orthodontics

teen braces 

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