targeted direct mail advertising

Direct Mail Advertising using postcards and snap pack mailers is an extremely cost effective way to generate new business and/or keep your existing customers engaged.

Unlike Radio, TV and Newspaper advertising, direct mail advertising lets you to choose the exact audience that reads your message. You decide the exact demographics of who receives and reads your offer.

FHA streamline postcard

A pizza franchise might want to do a 3 mile radius of all households around their store while an orthodontist might only want households with teenage children present. A mortgage broker may want only FHA mortgage holders with a certain FICO score range with $200,000+ loans.

Direct mail advertising lets you put your message directly in the hands of the exact audience you need to see your message.

Fidelity Direct has been designing and implementing direct mail marketing for 19 years.

We provide marketing mailers with unique eye grabbing designs and personalized sales copy that speaks directly to your target audience sent to targeted mailing lists of those most likely to respond to your offer.

Fidelity Direct Snap pack mailer

Things to consider with your direct response mailer :

* Personalize your offer. Personalized mailers with variable data merges are more likely to resonate with the recipient and generate responses.

    * Send multiple rounds and do A/B testing to see which version gets the best response rate.

    * Include all of your information—(website, social media)—on your direct mail advertising so potential customers can find out more about your business.

    * Make certain your call to action is clear, actionable and compelling. Tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do

    Whether you are looking to drive foot traffic to a brick and mortar location, generate inbound phone calls or drive traffic to your web site ... we can help.


Fidelity Direct QR Code

Inserting a custom QR code into your mailer enables the recipients to scan it with their smart phones and be instantly directed to your web site. QR codes are a great way to drive traffic to your web site and we will provide one free of charge that will direct them to any web page URL you desire.

Direct mail marketing is a one of the most cost effective ways to GROW your business.

We also suggest using our ring less voice mail messaging service and/or email marketing in conjunction with direct mail advertising to have the prospects actually looking for your mail piece to hit their mailboxes.

We can append cell phone numbers and email address to your mailing list then leave voice mails and send emails telling the recipient to be on the lookout for your mailer.

Once you have appended cell phone numbers and email addresses to you marketing and customer lists, you can Fidelity Direct's cross channel marketing system to send unlimited marketing messages in the future at an extremely low cost.

Ring less Voicemail messaging is completely compliant with any do not call list requirements. And our email marketing messages are always in compliance with all requirements of the Can Spam act.

We can inexpensively help you market across different channels to maximize your marketing dollar and increase response.

Please use the Postcard or Snap Pack Mailer links at top of this page to see samples of our direct mail advertising or give us a call to discuss targeting the ideal customer for your direct mail advertising campaign.

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ROI projections using Fidelity Direct's direct mail advertising

Scenario #1:

5,000 mailed ... 1% response rate = 50 Phone Calls
(10%) of total inbound calls closed = 5 closed loans
Total Avg. Revenue @ $3000 per closed loan = $15,000
RME total cost = $2,550

Return on Investment = $12,450

Scenario #2:

5,000 mailed ... 2% response rate = 100 Phone Calls
(10%) of total inbound calls closed = 10 closed loans
Total Avg. Revenue @ $3000 per closed loan = $30,000
RME total cost = $2,550

Return on Investment = $27,450

Scenario #3:

5,000 mailed 3% response rate = 150 Phone Calls
(10%) of total inbound calls closed = 15 closed loans
Total Avg. Revenue @ $3000 per closed loan = $45,000
RME total cost = $2,550

Return on Investment = $42,450

This is a sample analysis using postcards sent on behalf of a mortgage company as an example. These are estimates and will vary with different commission structures.

Also, you must consider the life-time value of a newly acquired customer including referrals