Email Address Appending

Email Marketing is the best way to market and reach consumers these days

Email address appending is a great way to monetize your mailing lists. By matching email
addresses to your customer and prospect lists, customers and potential customers that you could
only contact via snail mail can now be inexpensively reached through multiple channels.

Appending Email Addresses :

* Converts single-channel customers into valuable multi-channel customers

* Eliminates or drastically lowers printing and postage costs

* Boosts your online presence and web site revenue

* Builds customer loyalty with more frequent customer contact


Market research has shown email to be the medium most people prefer to receive information,
reminders and marketing offers. Simply put... Email marketing works!

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Email appending gives you the tool to build your own proprietary email databases you can use to send unlimited marketing offers to prospects or information to your existing customers virtually cost free. You can append residential or consumer email addresses as well as business email addresses

Appending email addresses to your lists is your first integral step in creating cross channel
email marketing or customer retention programs.

We suggest a three pronged approach of direct mail, ring less voice mail messaging and email marketing to quickly build brand awareness.


Append email addresses to any marketing or customer List

You can append a valid email address to 25% to 50% of the names on any mailing list.

Eliminate thousands of dollars of direct mail postage and printing costs using email to reach your existing clients or prospects. 

How Does email appending Work?

Send us any customer, marketing or prospect database and we will append email addresses to it. We send the file back with a valid email address appended to 25% to 50% of the records. You pay only for those records that have been appended with a valid email.

We append email addresses by matching your lists against a proprietary database of more than 400 million unique email address and meticulously updated residential and business listings. The results are dramatic. Normal email append match rate is around 37%.

You can slash your marketing budget and become a hero by monetizing your prospect and customer lists using Fidelity Direct's email append service.

Email Address Append Pricing

You pay for appended/matched records only.

3 Business Days Turnaround
Minimum Order
$110.00/M Appended (11 cents per match)
75k - 250k
$95.00/M Appended (9.5 cents per match)
250k - 1MM
$85.00/M Appended (8.5 cents per match)

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Number of Records in file:


Scrub old undeliverable email addresses from your
email lists with our email address verification service

If you are using a commercial email sending company that charges you a set price per number of emails sent, then it is in your best interest to scrub out all the bad email addresses from your email databases. This will keep your bounce backs and undeliverables to a minimum and save you money.

How Does email validation Work?

Email addresses tend to go bad after a while. People change ISPs, ISPs close down, people change domains and forget they still had old email addresses on web pages and online directories, etc.

It's not uncommon to have a so-called "fresh" email address list that contains up to 50% invalid email addresses! If you send your emails to a list like this, 50% of your effort would be wasted on attempting to deliver to undeliverable email addresses (not to mention having your inbox filled with undeliverables).

Our Email validation service will verify and clean your email lists to drastically reduce bounce-backs and eliminate "mailer daemon" email bounce-backs from your filling your mail box.

Email list hygiene is essential to avoid ISP's mail servers black listing you for repeatedly sending emails to invalid email addresses or receiving too many bounce-backs.

Email verification keeps your email address lists up to date. The email validation software doesn't send an actual email to verify that email address. It creates a direct connection to the email server to check the validity of the email address without actually having to send an email.

Email validation Pricing

2 Business Days Turnaround
Minimum Order
75k - 150k
150k -500k

email address appending