USA and International Email marketing databases - (Consumer & Business)

Fidelity Data offers both USA and international email marketing lists at a fraction of the cost of other list compilers.

* USA business email addresses can be segmented by state, county, zip codes, type of business , number of employees and/or annual sales. All international business email addresses can be segmented by type of business and by country.

* USA consumer email addresses can be segmented by state, county, city or zip codes. Fidelity Data provides consumer email addresses with complete street address.

* All Fidelity Data's email lists are run through e-mail verification software to give you the highest deliverabilty possible. Please use contact form to request a count or to receive information.

* Fidelity Data can also append valid email addresses to any residential mailing lists or business mailing list with our email append services.

* Our email append list match service gives you the opportunity to monetize your prospect and/or customer lists by appending email addresses to them. This gives you an additional low cost medium to send marketing materials to your target audience or send reminders and offers to your existing customers.

USA Businesses With Email - 15 Million Records

15,000,000 USA Business Email addresses Searchable by: SIC Code, Industry,  Company Name, Phone, Fax, Address, City, Zip, Email, Web Address & more

USA Business Data Base - 15 million records    $599.00

Businesses by Individual States                          $129.00

USA business email marketing database


USA Consumer E-Mail Addresses - 125 million records

USA Consumer Emails - 125,000,000 records        $997.00

States with less than 5 million records                           $179,00

States with more than 5 million records                         $199.00

Records Include: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, Email, Gender, Opt in Source URL, IP Address, Date and Time. Verified and updated Quarterly

USA consumer email marketing database

US Consumers Counts by States


Alabama (AL) Consumers 2,230,050  
Alaska (AK) Consumers 238,977  
Arizona (AZ) Consumers 2,815,857  
Arkansas (AR) Consumers 1,380,012  
California (CA) Consumers 13,880,838  
Colorado (CO) Consumers 2,395,317  
Connecticut (CT) Consumers 1,503,521  
Delaware (DE) Consumers 565,141  
District of Columbia (DC) Consumers 365,660  
Florida (FL) Consumers 10,200,752  
Georgia (GA) Consumers 4,615,359  
Hawaii (HI) Consumers 590,504  
Idaho (ID) Consumers 565,132  
Illinois (IL) Consumers 6,170,951  
Indiana (IN) Consumers 2,830,688  
Iowa (IA) Consumers 80,388  
Kansas (KS) Consumers 1,000,188  
Kentucky (KY) Consumers 1,880,019  
Louisiana (LA) Consumers 2,810,331  
Maine (ME) Consumers 365,555  
Maryland (MD) Consumers 2,855,602  
Massachusetts (MA) Consumers 2,215,583  
Michigan (MI) Consumers 4,375,211  
Minnesota (MN) Consumers 1,840,237  
Missouri (MO) Consumers 2,625,085  
Mississippi (MS) Consumers 1,155,180  
Montana (MT) Consumers 320,157  
Nebraska (NE) Consumers 730,898  
Nevada (NV) Consumers 1,180,707  
New Hampshire (NH) Consumers 375,169  
New Jersey (NJ) Consumers 3,935,054  
New Mexico (NM) Consumers 605,514  
New York (NY) Consumers 7,385,128  
North Carolina (NC) Consumers 4,740,876  
North Dakota (ND) Consumers 250,086  
Ohio (OH) Consumers 5,310,477  
Oklahoma (OK) Consumers 1,350,692  
Oregon (OR) Consumers 1,470,381  
Pennsylvania (PA) Consumers 5,820,257  
Rhode Island 440,171  
South Carolina (SC) Consumers 2,020,777  
South Dakota 365.328  
Tennessee (TN) Consumers 3,685,090  
Texas (TX) Consumers 8,373,666  
Utah (UT) Consumers 3,335,418  
Vermont (VT) Consumers 135,879  
Virginia (VA) Consumers 2,627,850  
Washington (WA) Consumers 2,340,092  
West Virginia (WV) Consumers 700,596  
Wisconsin (WI) Consumers 1,940,582  
Wyoming (WY) Consumers 393,379

International Business Emails - 58,000,000 Records

58,000,000 International Business List with Email Addresses . 

List contains: Company name, URL, contact name, address, city, state/province, postal code, phone, fax, email address and country.

Entire 58 million International B2B database ...  $997.00

Individual Countries...   $99.00 - $149.00

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