Medical Professionals & Lawyers marketing lists

Fidelity Data has licensing agreements with the largest compilers of medical data to offer comprehensive medical and legal databases. Compiled from multiple data sources we have extensive, Doctors lists, nurses lists, dentists and lawyers mailing lists. Many of our databases have had email address appended to them and are available for email marketing campaigns..


Target many different specialties of Doctors and Dentists as well as RNs, LPNs and CNAs.. We also have a database of Attorneys with email address..

We also provide chiropractor lists nationwide with phone and email address.

We can also provide lists of Nursing homes, Hospitals and all other health care related institutions with administrator's contact name.

Can segment by any specialty in any geography nationwide. We can provide you counts in any State, County, City, Zip Code(s), or Radius Marketing

Contact us to see if we have the right prospect for your marketing needs. Call us at (888) 582-6662 or use the contact link at top of page. Please be specific with your count requests