mortgage marketing lists

The most important aspect of mortgage direct mail advertising is targeting the correct recipients for your offer. We know how to correctly target those homeowners that could benefit most from refinancing or qualified renters or newlyweds who are the best first time buyer prospects.

Fidelity Direct Mortgage Lists

We supply meticulously up-dated mortgage marketing information. Precise, targeted mortgage marketing lists for every niche of the mortgage industry.

Fidelity Direct also provides unique direct response mortgage mailers with responsive mortgage postcards and mortgage snap pack mailers.

Once a new loan is recorded, the new loan information replaces the old record in our system. Information is updated every 30 days. You never receive out-dated loan information.

We also provide list hygiene such as NCOA for old in-house marketing lists you want updated and demographic modeling if you want to find new prospects with the same demographics as your current clients.

We specialize in targeted Reverse Mortgage mailing lists, targeted HARP 2.0 mailing lists, targeted FHA mailing lists, targeted VA IRRL lists, and first time buyer / purchase mortgage lists.

Choose any geographic location in the USA. (State, County, City, Zip Code(s) or Radius Marketing). Just give us your zip code and we will run a mortgage mortgage mailing list count within 25 , 50 or 100 miles of your location.

Most responsive Mortgage Mailing Lists in 2017.

All mortgage marketing lists can be tailored to suit your exact needs

HARP 2.0 Mailing Lists

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac owned loans. FICO over 660, No Mortgage Lates past 12 months Loan Date prior to 05/31/09 with Loan to Value over 90%.

FHA Mortgage Mailing Lists

FHA mortgage holders with loan amounts greater than $150,000 with a current interest rate of at least 4.25%. This is information from title companies. . This information is highly accurate and meticulously updated.

VA IRRL Mailing Lists

VA loan Holders with 4.5%+ current rates.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders

Homeowners with variable rate Mortgages. They realize it’s time to get locked in at a low fixed rate while they can.

Reverse Mortgage Mailing Lists

Homeowners with equity and lower incomes. Criteria Includes: 67years old +. Minimum $150,000+ Home Value and 50%+ equity in home. We normally provide you older homeowners that still have a monthly payment and a first mortgage balance. It is a much more responsive list than those that own free and clear

Reverse Mortgage Prospects with Revolving Debt

Seniors with same reverse mortgage list demographics as above but who also have a minimum of $10,000 in revolving credit card debt. Great HECM Prospects.

First Time Buyers Mailing Lists

Renters with at least $50,000 income and above 680 FICO scores. Newlyweds are also highly responsive to first time buyer loan offers  

additional criteria to target your mortgage mailing list

    • Ist Mortgage Lender Type
    • 1st Mortgage Interest Rate Type
    • 1st Mortgage Loan Type
    • 1st Mortgage Loan Amount
    • 1st Mortgage Loan Date
    • Loan to Value Range
    • 2nd Mortgage Lender Type
    • 2nd Mortgage Loan Type
    • 2nd Mortgage Interest Rate Type
    • 2nd Mortgage Loan Amount
    • 2nd Mortgage Loan Date
    • Presence of Reverse Mortgage
    • Reverse Mortgage Prospects
    • Income
    • Rate Type (Fixed, ARM, Balloon)
    • 30-60 or 90 Late
    • N.O.D.
    • In Foreclosure
    • HARP 2.0 Prospect
    • Homeowner/Renter
    • Language Spoken in Household
    • Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans
    • FHA Streamline Prospect
    • VA IRRL Prospect
    • Home Value
    • Discretionary Income Index
    • Economic Stability Indicator
    • FICO Risk Score Ranges
    • Real Estate Investors
    • Net Worth - Premiere
    • Ethnicity
    • Home Purchase Date
    • Primary Loan Date
    • Available Equity
    • Market Docile
    • Number of Properties Owned
    • Recently Married
    • Recently Divorced
    • Recent Mortgage Borrower
    • Recent Home Buyer
    • Life Insurance Policy Owner
    • Number of Credit Lines
    • Bank Card Balance Range
    • Revolving Credit Index
    • Revolving Credit Range
    • and much more