Reverse mortgage postcards

All reverse mortgage postcards are customizeable. Use on of our proven reverse mortgage postcard designs or we can design a HECM mailer specifically for your company.

We design different reverse mortgage postcards to target different ethnicitys and and subsets of the Reverse Mortgage market.

For instance... You can target Widows/Divorced/ Single Woman 65+. The imagery would be different than targeting older couples. You can also target those households with health issues or those with homes 50+ years old that are more than likely to need major home improvements and/or repairs.

You always choose the LTV ranges and home values you want to target with your reverse mortgage mailers but remember that it is a middle class product and those with upper class home values do not normally respond to HECM offers.

All of our reverse mortgage card designs can also be translated into Spanish and mailed to a targeted list of older homeowners whose primary language spoken in household is Spanish.

Reverse Card - 1

Reverse Mortgage Postcard Grand Daughter

Reverse Card - 2

Reverse Mortgage Postcard

Reverse Card - 3

Reverse Mortgage Postcard

Reverse Card - 4

Reverse Mortgage Postcards

Reverse Card - 5

Reverse Mortgage Couple

Reverse Card - 6

Revere Mortgage Family

Reverse Card - 7

Reverse Mortgage Umbrella

Reverse Cards 8 and 9

Reverse Mortgage Postcards DESIGNED to relate to different groups

Reverse Mortgage Middle Aged Couple   Reverse Mortgage Black Couple

Reverse Card 10

Reverse Mortgage Sminar

Reverse Card 11

Reverse Mortgage Celebration

Reverse Card - 12

Reverse Mortgage Family

Reverse card - 13

reverse Mortgage Couple on Beach   

Reverse Card - 14

Reverse MNortgage Widow

Reverse Card - 15

Reverse Mortgage Couple in Love

Reverse Card - 16

Reverse Mortgage Content

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