Reverse Mortgage Snap Pack Mailers

Snap Pack mailers are the perfect medium for Reverse Mortgage offers

The outside of our reverse mortgage snap packs are designed to peak the recipient's curiousity and always gets through the initial mail triage of pertinent vs. non pertinent mail.


Getting past the initial mail shuffle is the first integral part of producing a good response for any reverse mortgage offer.

Once your Revere Mortgage mailer survives the initial mail shuffle, the older homeowner sits down, puts their reading glasses on and gives your mailer their undivided attention. Having your reverse mortgage snap mailer identified as a marketing piece at first glance will immediately cost you a minimum 50 percent of your audience.

We provide traditional reverse mortgage mailers as well as HECM to HECM refinance mailers mailed to targeted reverse mortgage holder lists that fit HECM refinance criteria.

We do traditional reverse mortgage direct mail campaigns as well as HECM refinance mailers sent to homeowners who already have a reverse mortgage originated before HECM lending limits increased or who have had a drastic increase in home value since the loan was originated.

We mail merge Lender Name and other demographic fields of information from the your mailing list to personalize the sales copy within the mailer to the recipient. Using variable data merges fosters readership using the recipient's demographic and loan information merged into the sales copy

A simple mail merge on the front of the snap pack that directly pertains to the recipient is all it takes to have your offer regarded as pertinent "official" mail. Your Reverse Mortgage snap pack will get opened and read.

(Folded in center to form 5.5 x 8 inch mailer)

Reverse Mortgage Snap Pack mailer

Mailed to our targeted Reverse Mortgage mailing lists.

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