Snap PACK MAILERS USING Personalized (mail merge) printing

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Personalized or Variable-data printing (mail merge printing) is a printing process in which text and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next by merging information from an external database. Now, you can build relationships with your prospects by adding relevant details pertinent only to them into each personalized mailer.

Personalization = Profit

Businesses that utilize variable data merges using personalized, highly relevant content merged into the sales copy of their marketing mailers typically show campaign response rates that are significantly higher than those without.

increase response

Each snap pack mailer is personalized to the recipient rather than just another identical form letter. Merging pertinent details fosters readership, and makes the recipient much more likely to respond.

Instead of producing 10,000 identical documents with the same message, variable data printing produces 10,000 unique documents with a personalized message to each recipient.

The variable data/mail merge example below has 4 different merges.

The recipient's name is merged into the salutation. Their lender name is merged into first sentence. The recipient name merged a second time as Payee on check. And the phone number is merged in two locations using 4 different phone numbers to organically spread inbound phone calls among the loan officers.

Fidelity Direct Snap Pack Mailer

There is no additional charge to personalize your mailer for your first three mail merges.

The increase in response rate using personalization varies from slightly higher at the basic level up to 500% normal response rates. This naturally depends on the merged content and the relevancy of that content.

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