Leave a 30 second audio Voicemail  message  on any  landline  or  Cell  phone without  ever  Ringing  The  Phone

Ringless Voicemail

Fidelity Data now offers you the ability to insert voicemail messages directly into landline or cell phone voice mails without making a call or ringing their phone line. The recipient is never bothered or charged for a call.

Ringless Voicemail Messaging is 100% legal and was specifically designed to be non-intrusive.

Ringless voicemail messaging is compliant with all telemarketing laws and regulations. 

Now you can contact an individual via phone by dropping a massage directly into that person's voicemail without ever ringing their phone. It is a message sent server to server just like an email.

Ringless Voicemail

Fidelity Data provides you an innovative addition to your cross channel marketing mix. -- the ability to insert voicemail messages into cell and landline phones without making a call.

With Fidelity Data's Ringless Voicemail Messaging, you don’t call the landline or cell phone directly, our state of the art software drops the messages directly into the recipient's voicemail.

Ringless Voicemail Messages allows you to tele-market unobtrusively and more inexpensively than using live telemarketers.


* Completely Legal

* Small start up cost / test campaigns.

* No locked-in contract

* No programming fees

* Less intrusive than traditional telemarketing

* You can start your ringless voicemail campaign within hours.

* Receive daily reports

* Instantly start generating leads

* Save money .... No salary or commision cost for telemarketers

* Instant Lead Generation, Reduced sales cycle & expedited sales process